Giza Platform CLI

The central entrypoint to Giza Platform's capabilities

The Giza Command Line Interface (CLI) serves as the primary entrypoint for accessing and utilizing the full range of capabilities offered by the Giza Platform. Designed for efficiency and versatility, the CLI enables users to seamlessly interact with every component of the platform, from the Workspaces to the sophisticated Orion for verifiable inferences and deployments. Get started using the Giza CLI!

The CLI is engineered to cater to a variety of user needs, making it a versatile tool for both simple and complex tasks:

  • Direct Interaction with Workspaces and Deployments: Users can use the CLI to manage their workspaces, create and deploy actions, and configure their execution environments.

  • Access to ML Model Services: The CLI facilitates direct interaction with the platform’s ML model serving and MLOps functionalities, allowing users to deploy, monitor, and manage their ML models efficiently.

  • Integration with Orion: Users can leverage the CLI to interact with the Orion Framework, enabling them to choose and use different zk backends and modular components for their verifiable inferences.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

By providing a command-line-based interface, the Giza CLI enhances workflow efficiency in several ways:

  • Automation and Scripting: The CLI is ideal for automating repetitive tasks and integrating with CI/CD pipelines, making it a valuable tool for developers and DevOps teams.

  • Quick Access and Control: It offers quick access to the platform’s features without the need for a graphical interface, ideal for users who prefer or require a command-line approach.

  • Streamlined Operations: The CLI streamlines the operation of the Giza Platform, from simple actions to complex workflows, ensuring that users can manage their tasks with minimal friction.

In essence, the Giza CLI is not just an auxiliary tool but the central hub for engaging with the Giza Platform’s extensive features. It embodies the platform's commitment to flexibility, efficiency, and user empowerment, providing a comprehensive command-line interface that is integral to the platform’s overall functionality and user experience. Whether for deploying ML models, managing workflows, or accessing advanced cryptographic functions, the CLI stands as the go-to tool for platform users.

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